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Friday, June 30, 2006


Radio Theater Producer.

That about says it all, doesn’t it? What the hell is a radio theater producer, other than an anachronism?

My name is Jeff. I’m a Pacific Northwest guy by birth now living in a small town in Minnesota on the US/Canada border. I’m married with two kids, near enough teen agers both. My wife is the public librarian in this little burg, and her job is the reason we upped stakes three years ago and relocated two time zones over from everything we’ve ever known. It was a great move.

Since landing here, I’ve met the manager of a local radio station who not only offered air time for a radio theater, but offered me a part-time job as well. That’s what I do. I work a little DJ gig for ‘The Man’ and use the proceeds to make plays with whatever talent I can find laying around. I’m a writer, producer, actor, sound effects artist and recently, thanks to GarageBand, the guy that does the music. This fascist approach is more out of necessity than lust for power, I assure you.

As a producer, I am slightly schizophrenic. My tendency is to start a theater or radio show, work on it for a time, then move on to another theater or radio show while leaving the first one with a presence on the web. My old shows hang around like grown children asked to move out, but unable or unwilling to do so. I am responsible for: Imagination-X, the Oregon Radio Theater, Stories On, Sound Stages: An Audio Drama Podcast, and The Icebox Radio Theater. I’ll add links to all this stuff later.

For now, I write to say hello. Feel free to ad comment, negative or otherwise. This is my blog. You’re welcome too it.